Fashion in Everything

we all either want something that can make us relatable , or something that sets our identity apart.

have you ever walked the streets feeling outcasted , have you ever craved sudden change that lead to live changing events , getting a tattoo , shave your hear all at once , or even dying your hear into the most rebellion coloure?

let me explain to you why , and how there is fashion in everything we are.

did you know that everything you change about your look , the path of your career , the sports that we practice , and when your cooking a home meal for your friends and family . there is fashion in that too.

we undress when are most vulnerable  and when we are at our strongest state of mind.

and we dress to either cover scars or to prevent our selves from harm. we dress a certain way to influence or because we have been influenced.

i’ve always seen potential in fashion when everyone thought its a field for the giver uppers.

little that people know that is what you do , it is who you are, who you’re becoming or it maybe all of the above.

our fashion prints have a massive impact in our day to day life . if you’re a doctor , a student , a police officer or a five year old home schooled boy . we wear what we are but we tend to implant these minimal tweaks that sets us apart from everyone else. its fashion that unites us in the same ground , and fashion that gives us our identity . some of us embrace it . and some of us are influenced by it.

for you wear black when you’re at the red carpet of a met gala , or when your grieving , you wear white on your wedding day but in some communities, thats our death cloth. your colourful in summer but dark in winter , fashion is away of expression hence , thankfully its an art beyond rules and technicalities it gives us an outlet from the average routine that the society places upon our shoulders . there are no rules in fashion is your playground. and above all i found my self on that play ground.

that is why i wrote this article . i want to show my appreciation  to  it for it gives us more than its credits due.


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